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Healthy Christmas Gifts for Hard-To-Buy-For People

Have you completed your Christmas shopping list? Still looking for those important Christmas presents? What about finding a gift for those people that have everything? – we all know a few. Or maybe you’re researching a gift for a millennial who shuns “things” and value experiences above all? 2019 is the year of experiences, and not of material possessions.

What to buy?
We’re all about good health here at the Bodywise Clinic so we’ll focus on gifts that will improve the physical and mental health of your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the best healthy Christmas gifts for difficult people (and we mean that in the nicest possible way). Millennials like sharing with friends and they highly value experiences. So these gift ideas are perfect for them. But there’s a gift for everyone in this list.

Barista Skills

Coffee in Ireland is a huge industry and social phenomena. You thought we were all tea drinkers? By the looks of it, we’ll be joining the rest of the world in enjoying the world’s most popular beverage more than our sacred cups of tea before too long.

And we consider moderate coffee intake to be a good thing (for some people). There are many studies to show that small amounts of coffee can actually improve your health.

If you know someone that’s a big fan of coffee, why not gift them a lesson at the Dublin Barista School. Coffeeholics will love the place and what’s more, they get a certification upon completion of courses. The first level is World Barista Associations “Licence to Work” Certificate programme. A fun and potentially lucrative gift.


Hands up who doesn’t like to be pampered? Nobody? Thought so.
Everyone likes a bit of rest and relaxation and there’s no need to feel guilty about a hot stone full body massage, relaxation massage, or Indian head massage when someone has gifted it to you. Your friends and family will love you for the gift. So why not stand out from the crowd with a memorable gift voucher for a new year’s pampering.

The Bodywise Clinic’s Christmas Pamper vouchers deal is a no-brainer for anyone looking to give a special gift this year.

Yoga Classes

Everyone knows the value of yoga: flexibility, calmness, body control, and the chance to wear yoga pants. But seriously, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise. And the good news is that even the complete beginner will get lots of value from a class. Most yoga schools run classes for all levels and even if it’s your very first time, the instructor will give you scaled down versions of poses if they present a problem for you.

Anahata has just opened a yoga centre in Bray and is offering great value yoga packages for Christmas (6 class pass for €55) or monthly unlimited for €49.

Dance Lessons

Even the toughest of characters can learn to dance and, even enjoy it. It just takes a little persuasion. What better way to help someone get moving and active than buying them some lessons from one of the many growing dance studios in Dublin? The popularity of Salsa, Tango, Swing, grows every year as the Irish, a race not known for its hip-swinging prowess, get more into the multi-cultural melting pot of the dance scene.

Think of the potential. Your gift will not only help your friend, family member or colleague get fit but it might help broaden their social circles. Who knows? Maybe some romance might spark with another student and it will all be down to your Christmas present. Need any more convincing?

Cooking Lessons

Almost everyone we know that’s taken a cooking class has had a great experience. Even if your loved one has trouble making bread and jam, they will surely improve at least one set of skills, be it social, learning, or cooking from a class at a cookery school. Complete duds in the kitchen can easily transform into competent entertainers for friends and family.

Think about it! Buying a cooking class gift voucher for your family member might even make next years Christmas dinner a bit more bearable. That’s a win-win situation for all involved.

The Dublin Cookery School offers a number of day courses including healthy eating, which apart from teaching cooking skills, helps students decode food labels and plan portion sizes. Another course called Man In The Kitchen is a great way for the ladies to get their other half interested in cooking and nutrition.

Fermentation workshop

This might sound like something they do in the Guinness factory or in a lab, and you’d be right. But there’s more to it than that. Fermenting your own foods is all the rage these days. And fermented food packs a big nutritional punch. Some say it’s the best way to consume foods as the vitamins and minerals released during the process are hundreds of times greater than “regular” food. But it takes a bit of skill to perfect the fermentation process.

That’s why learning from a good teacher will really help.

If you know a foodie or someone who likes to experiment with food, why not give them the gift of a happy, healthy gut and get them skilled up on fermentation? If they’re not already up to date with making Kombucha, SauerKraut, Kimchi, Kefir, and Tempeh, then buy them a course for Christmas.

It’s not in Dublin, but well worth the trip: The Ballymaloe Cookery School organic farm & gardens is running a fermentation course in February and October 2020. Penny Allen shows you how to make Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Water Kefir.

Wellness Retreats

If you’re loved one is stressed, tired and looks like they could do with a rejuvenating getaway experience, consider giving them the gift of an Ayurvedic wellness retreat.

While this gift doesn’t have a small price tag, it’s one that will have huge positive impact on their lives and will turn you into the best gift-giver.

Ayurvedic wellness retreats offer a holistic approach to wellness and can help with stress reduction, improved sleep, and are great for increasing energy and vitality. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to immerse in nature in another country, far from the usual humdrum.

Climbing Courses

Looking for a gift for the adventurous, outdoorsy type?
Awesome Walls in Dublin offers tasters on climbing and bouldering for as little as €25. The company also offers four-week courses to launch a fully-fledged passion for climbing. Rock climbing, whether indoor or outdoor, is one of the most fun and challenging forms of exercise.

Climbing is also compared to meditation by many people devoted to the sport. It’s hard to worry about life’s stresses and problems when you’re trying to climb a little bit higher while hanging on to the side of a high wall.

Rock climbing gets people fit, flexible, strong and makes them more focused and successful. If you know someone who likes a challenge, wants to get fit, or is a bit of a daredevil, this is the perfect gift. Note: indoor rock climbing is perfectly safe so it’s suitable for everyone and there are classes for all abilities.

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  1. Great suggestions for hard to buy people! I firmly believe that a massage is the best gift ever ! Who doesn’t LOVE a massage ?!!! ❤

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