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Massage for Busy People – Reduce Stress & Boost Productivity

Many people consider massage to be a treat. Others consider it to be an effective treatment for aches and pains. Sports people understand the benefits of deep tissue and sports massages for their muscles and joints. But massage isn’t just for people seeking pampering. And it’s not only good for sore muscles. Massage can be a weapon against burnout and stress and can also aid productivity. This is good news for people with busy, fast-paced work lives.

Entrepreneurs and executives (and other busy people with stressful jobs) can use massage as a tool to improve their business lives. Let’s take a look at how and why massage can help the busy executive. We hope this will help you appreciate the full benefits of massage for a successful life.

Reasons why busy people, entrepreneurs, and executives should do massage:

1. Boosts Productivity

The business buzzword of the last few years is productivity. People look for ever more ways to be more productive. With social media, 24/7 internet, mobile phone alerts, and lots of other distractions, it’s often hard to get real work done. Distractions are productivity killers. But training your mind and body to deal with distractions is a skill. How to cultivate this skill? Well, it starts with a form of meditation. And your body goes through a type of meditative process in massage therapy.

One killer of productive work is the monkey-brain we all get when we try to micro-manage too many things. Too many projects, tasks, and ideas can reduce productivity. It’s easy to see why. We feel overwhelmed and unfocused thanks to task overload. As a result, it’s hard to get started on any one task. Massage helps by putting us in the “now”. Our mind can calm down and our body relax. From here it’s easier to focus and tackle tasks one at a time.

The key is to not jump back into the same routine of scattered thoughts after your massage. Use the post-massage focus to tackle an important task and the momentum will carry you forward.

In this world of constant distractions, productivity is more important than ever. Massage is a great weapon for busy professionals looking to boost productivity in their business and work lives.

2. Reduces Workplace Stress

A large percentage of the workforce is stressed. Many people dislike their jobs. This includes the highest level of management and executives in any company. The most relaxed-looking individuals can sometimes be the most tightly wound up. We all know the negative effects of stress but did you know that the workplace is one of the main environments that cause this harmful sensation?
A study on nurses showed a significant difference in stress levels between nurses that received and didn’t receive massage during a two-week period.

30% of workers in developed countries suffer from occupational stress. That’s almost one out of every 3 people. Take a look around at your coworkers and ask how can we help improve their working lives. Even if you manage to avoid the negative effects of work-related stress, you can help improve morale, productivity, and well-being in the office by requesting that massage therapy is implemented as a “perk” for everyone.

The combined topics of stress, the workplace, and busy professionals deserves an article all of its own. CEOs and leaders should know that stress affects your decision making. The ability to make decisions that impact your finances and business is affected by stress. Of course, many people view pressure as a motivational influence. Some individuals work well under pressure. But the research shows that “the presence of a stressor may generally result in failure to attend to the full range of possible consequences of a decision”.

Meaning: stressed people do not consider all the consequences of their actions, resulting in bad business decisions.

Stressed leaders and decision-makers tend to think about the potential positive outcomes of their decisions. The negative outcomes are pushed out as the brain focuses on rewards and the drug-like hit of positive feelings about making the right decision.

busy people and stress

3. Improves Sleep

Sleep is the great leveller. When we don’t get enough, we’re completely useless. When we get enough we’re (hopefully) bounding with energy. The science of sleep is only starting to be understood. And it all points towards sleep being one of the leading influencing factors in our health. We absolutely need a good sleep. No question about it. So what about people with very active minds or very demanding jobs who have trouble sleeping at night? Many professionals find it hard to switch off in the evening thanks to their “always connected” lifestyles. What can be done to improve the quality of sleep we get?

Massage is one of a few different approaches to sleep improvements and is an easy one to implement.

Better sleep equals better decision making, a relaxed body and mind, and a smarter you.

4. Boosts The Immune System

Sick days cost businesses in Ireland and the Irish economy almost half a billion Euro a year. And that’s only the start of it. The costs of replacing staff and rescheduling almost double this figure. It’s a huge drain on businesses. One way we can combat sickness is to boost our immune system functions.

Massage is an immune system strengthener. The positive effects of massage therapy on immune function is well documented.

Endorphins, those “feel-good” chemicals that flow through our body naturally, help you feel less pain and improve your mood.

The research on endorphins and massage are not widespread but the signs are promising. A study by the Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology found that endorphin levels are increased for an hour after connective tissue massage.

massage therapy

Want to do better at your job, work more efficiently, or get focused for an important meeting, interview, or presentation? Try massage therapy and reap the mood-enhancing, performance-improving, and productivity-boosting benefits.

reduce stress and boost productivity with massage for busy people

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