Course of Treatments (paid up front)
6 x 45 minute sessions €269 + a FREE gift of Anti Cellulite gel.
Single Treatments (pay as you go)

45 Minutes – €49

Now you can take anti-aging one step further with body enhancement treatments at The Bodywise Clinic!

The word ‘Cellulite’ is often referred to a skin condition associated bumpy looking fat most commonly located in the thigh, buttocks and hip area hips. A lot of women attempt to eradicate their cellulite by going through intense exercise and diet programs. True, diet and exercise is essential in managing weight control, but unfortunately this is not the case with cellulite.

The Bodywise Clinic have fully trained and experienced therapists who specialise in Cellulite Treatments. Our unique and extremely effective Cellulite Treatments offers two very differently types of cellulite treatments to suit all needs and desires-both of which are equally as effective as the other. One of our anti-cellulite treatments combines Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Low Level Laser Therapy with Deep Oscillation. The second anti-cellulite treatment uses Vacuum Cupping Massage.

Low Level Laser Therapy and Deep Oscillation Treatments

The primary goal this type of anti-cellulite treatment is to target the chosen area from ‘inside out’. Toxins and water retention around the focused area are eliminated by applying gentle lymphatic drainage massage with Low Level Laser Therapy and Deep Oscillation Therapy. This has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as slimming, smoothing, and firming the body’s appearance. The treatment is extremely relaxing, is painfree, drug free and has absolutely no side effects. A course of 6-12 treatments are advised with 1-2 sessions per week.

Vacuum Cupping Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This type of cellulite massage works from the ‘outside in’. It localises fat, eliminates toxins and restores skin compactness in problem areas of the body. Vacuum massage therapy is a tested method which is considered as one of the options to eliminate cellulite. With vacuum cupping massage you can very effectively reduce body weight and fat layer, as well as helping in the removal of muscle fatigue and muscle pain.

Our two unique and greatly effective Cellulite Treatments can show results after just one session! The number of sessions required is different for each person as every person has their own goals as far as how far they would like to progress with their cellulite removal. The vast majority of our clients are completely satisfied with their results at The Bodywise Clinic. The age of our clients varies from early twenties to mid sixties.

The Bodywise Clinic is more than happy to administer Health Insurance Receipts upon request. We strongly advise you to check your current Health Insurance Plan to ensure that the treatment you are booking in for is in fact covered.

Please be advised that The Bodywise Clinic is located on the 2nd Floor. Unfortunately, there is no lift on the premises. Should you need assistance walking up/down the stairs, please notify us and one of us will be more than happy to assist you.