Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. We can all drift into a trance from time to time and do so several times a day, often while doing everyday tasks. How often do we drift off when watching TV, a movie, reading a book or listening to our favourite music?

Hypnosis is said to occur when we purposely bring on this state and deepen it until we become deeply relaxed both mentally and physically. Anybody can be hypnotised, if they want to be. Most people find it a deeply pleasant experience. Hypnosis is neither sleep nor unconsciousness. It is very similar to that half asleep feeling in the morning or just before going to sleep. You are aware of your surroundings. You can hear and smell and see (if your eyes are open). You can speak and move and maintain control of your behaviour and decisions and can wake up at any time.

In stage hypnosis, the “hypnotist” picks people who are already very suggestible (and this would be true for them even without any hypnosis!). Obviously if they volunteer at a stage show, they are already up for the fun of it and have that performer aspect somewhere in their personality. And out of all of the audience these few are the only ones kept on stage by the “hypnotist”.

This is because in hypnosis you are fully in control at all times and will only do or say things that you choose or agree to do or say.
Hypnosis is a completely natural, pleasant and harmless state. It is a complete state of relaxation of the mind and body. How many times have you been “in your own little world”, distracted by something momentarily or simply daydreaming? How many times have you done something automatically while thinking about something else completely, (e.g. driving, eating, or walking)? Believe it or not these were all occurrences of natural trance (Hypnosis).

While in hypnosis, our conscious mind is relaxed and clear. This leaves some quiet time for our subconscious mind, where all of our deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions are held, to do its work. This is also the part of our mind that controls all the major functions of our thoughts and body. It contains all of our beliefs whether they are right or wrong and all of our memories, fears and how we feel about them.

This is how hypnosis helps to speed up therapy. It allows us to connect and apply our conscious logical mind directly to our powerful subconscious mind where true change happens. Our feelings, fears or symptoms do not always make sense and seem to be outside of our control. Using hypnosis we can make sense of them, which permanently resolves feelings, fears, habits and conditions that previously seemed out of our control.
Sandra offers a free initial no obligation consultation which is confidential to anyone who wants to discuss their symptoms to see if hypnotherapy or the Thrive programme could be of help (which it can, in 95% of cases).

Cost: €70.00 per 1 hour session.


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