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Acupuncture is the treatment of choice for pregnant women because it is safe, drug-free but mostly because it works. Acupuncture treatments can address pre-existing health conditions as well as pregnancy related conditions and could truly be the key to a happy, healthy and joyful pregnancy.

1st Trimester
Threatened Miscarriage

2nd Trimester
Heartburn, Constipation,
Back pain & Sciatica, SPD

3rd Trimester
Back Pain & Sciatica, SPD, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Anaemia,Insomnia, Anxiety
Breech/Transverse/Posterior Position
Preparation for childbirth, Induction

Afterpains, Tiredness, Insomnia
Low milk supply, cracked/sore nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis
Post-natal depression

Prebirth Acupuncture
I rightly recommend pre-birth acupuncture to all pregnant ladies that come through my door.
Pre-birth acupuncture is a series of weekly treatments from week 36 to week 40/42. The focus of
the treatments is to soften and ripen the cervix, relax the pelvis, help position the baby in the best
presentation, promote relaxation and build up energy reserves ahead of childbirth.
Data on 169 women was gathered by 14 midwives as part of their midwifery practice in New Zealand and it found that when comparing all caregivers (Midwives GP’s and Specialists) to those women who had received prebirth acupuncture there was:

  • An overall 35% reduction in the number of inductions (for women having their first baby this was a 43% reduction)
  • A 31% reduction in the epidural rate.

When comparing midwifery only care to women receiving prebirth acupuncture there was:

  • A 32% reduction in emergency caesarean delivery
  • and a 9 % increase in normal vaginal births.

Women who receive prebirth acupuncture also have shorter labours with more efficient contractions.

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The Bodywise Clinic is more than happy to administer Health Insurance Receipts upon request. We strongly advise you to check your current Health Insurance Plan to ensure that the treatment you are booking in for is in fact covered.

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